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Do you have an old Vibro Champ or Bronco amp? In the comment section below please post the serial number, year and current location and we will add it to the registry. Thanks!

If you have a blackface amp please also post the two-letter code found on the inside tag.

Note if you have additional comments,these will be moved to our General Discussion page.

Serial # Manufacture Date Location
A00262 February, 1964 Boonville, IN USA
A00335 November, 1964 Montrose, CO USA
A00488 September, 1964 Taos, NM USA
A00556 1964 Columbia, SC USA
A00763 1964 Seattle, WA USA
A00711 1964 Pasadena, MA USA
A00803 October, 1964 Chaumont, NY USA
A00808 1964 Boston, MA USA
A00822 November, 1964 Leiden, Netherlands
A00849 November, 1964 Dallas, TX USA
A00863 October, 1964 Birmingham AL, USA
A00940 December, 1964 San Francisco, CA USA
A00957 November, 1964 Chaska, MN USA
A00983 November, 1964 Marietta, GA
A01189 April, 1965 New York, NY USA
A01273 November, 1964 Westcliffe, CO USA
A01323 November, 1964 Elfin Forest, CA
A01363 September, 1964 Portland, OR USA
A01519 February, 1965 West Palm Beach, FL USA
A01525 February, 1965 San Francisco, CA USA
A01763 September, 1964 Woodstock, NY USA
A01822 February, 1965 Gefle, Sweden
A01938 1965 Cheyenne, WY USA
A01988 February, 1965 Cheyenne, OK USA
A02044 1965 Townsend, MA USA
A02402 1965 New Paltz, NY USA
A02599 February, 1965 Portland, OR USA
A02661 1965 Wyoming, USA
A02848 April, 1965 Barrie, ON Canada
A02861 May, 1965 Manchester, MO USA
A03145 1965 Netherlands
A03256 February, 1965 Oak View, CA USA
A03568 February, 1965 Sonora, Mexico
A03582 1965 New Haven, CT USA
A03593 February, 1965 Concord, CA USA
A03771 1965 Kempner, TX USA
A03844 April, 1965 Atlanta GA, USA
A03987 May, 1965 Valencia, Spain
A03994 May, 1965 Greenwood, SC USA
A04079 May, 1965 Lyon, France
A04161 April, 1965 Libertyville, IL USA
A04516 1965? Warren, NJ USA
A04569 1964? New York, NY USA
A04609 1965 Glade Park, CO, USA
A04719 July, 1965 New York, NY USA
A04871 April, 1965 Charlotte, NC USA
A05047 July, 1965 Toronto, ON Canada
A05175 1965 Greenville, SC USA
A05184 May, 1965 Cresco, PA USA
A05476 July, 1965 Poulsbo, WA USA
A05671 July, 1965 Los Angeles, CA USA
A05779 1965 Ewing, NJ USA
A06192 October, 1965 Haverhill, MA USA
A06219 October, 1965 Greenville, SC USA
A06336 October, 1965 Houston, TX USA
A06343 October, 1965 Kissimmee, FL USA
A06410 October, 1965 Middlesbrough, UK
A06501 October, 1965 Springfield, MO USA
A06569 October, 1965 Zanesville, OH USA
A06708 October, 1965 Toronto, ON Canada
A07161 October, 1965 Portland, OR USA
A07234 December, 1965 Augusta, GA USA
A07235 October, 1965 Long Island, NY USA
A07241 December, 1965 Beaver Dams, NY USA
A07243 October, 1965 Latrobe, PA USA
A07386 October, 1965 Madison, WI USA
A07569 October, 1965 Los Angeles, CA USA
A07606 October, 1965 Montreal, QC Canada
A07885 October, 1965 Pittsburgh, PA USA
A08035 October, 1965 Courtenay, BC Canada
A08062 1965 Orange Walk Town, Belize
A08084 October, 1965 Hamburg, Germany
A08155 December, 1965 Western MA, USA
A08242 December, 1965 San Diego, CA USA
A08395 1966? Italy
A08442 December, 1965 Sacramento, CA USA
A08642 December, 1965 Denver, CO USA
A08831 December, 1965 Greenwich, CT USA
A09057 December, 1965 Lincoln, NE USA
A09154 December, 1965 Blaine, MN USA
A09204 1966? New Orleans, LA USA
A09218 December, 1965 São Paulo, Brazil
A09581 1966? Central Indiana, USA
A09678 March, 1966 Zagreb , Croatia
A10066 1966 Savannah, GA USA
A10132 March, 1966 Portland, OR USA
A10166 March, 1966 Louisville, KY USA
A10308 May, 1966 Granville, OH USA
A10735 December, 1966 Merriam, KS USA
A10927 May, 1966 Portland, OR USA
A11275 June, 1966 Phoenix, AZ USA
A11288 June, 1966 Southern CA, USA
A11519 May, 1966 Richmond, VA USA
A11573 April, 1966 Powder Springs, GA USA
A11771 1966 Copenhagen, Denmark
A11775 May, 1966 Baltimore, MD USA
A11843 1966 State College, PA USA
A12158 June, 1966 Hoboken, NJ USA
A12623 April, 1966 Whitakers NC, USA
A11279 January, 1966 Virginia, USA
A12219 May, 1966 Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
A12838 1966 Belmont, CA USA
A13276 May, 1966 Brattleboro, VT USA
A13277 May, 1966 Winter Garden, FL USA
A13474 April, 1966 Rowland Heights, CA USA
A13572 1966 Fort Worth,TX USA
A14172 September, 1966 Riverside, CA USA
A14609 December, 1966 Strandbaden, Sweden
A14623 December, 1966 New Orleans, LA USA
A14759 September, 1966 Elkview, WV USA
A15143 September, 1966 Rowland Heights, CA USA
A15144 December, 1966 Hollywood, CA USA
A15307 December, 1966 Fredericton, NB Canada
A15554 December, 1966 Los Angeles, CA USA
A15652 December, 1966 Ely, NV USA
A15749 December, 1966 Skippack, PA USA
A15859 December, 1966 Akron, OH USA
A16100 1966 Oslo, Norway
A16034 December, 1966 Montreal, QC Canada
A16080 December, 1966 Chillicothe, OH USA
A16089 December, 1966 Buffalo Grove, IL USA
A16093 1966 Nashville, TN USA
A16103 December, 1966 Danville, NY USA
A16139 December, 1966 Miami Beach, FL USA
A16343 1966 Placerville, CA USA
A16449 April, 1967 Columbia, SC USA
A16844 April, 1967 Poulsbo, WA USA
A17026 June, 1967 Bendigo, Australia
A17033 December, 1966 Raleigh, NC USA
A17042 1967 Toms River, NJ USA
A17217 December, 1966 St. Petersburg, FL USA
A17233 June, 1967 Copenhagen, Denmark
A17333 April, 1967 Groton, CT USA
A17382 December, 1966 Boston, MA USA
A17457 December, 1966 Auburn,NY USA
A17614 1967 Upton, MA USA
A17805 1966 Portland, OR USA
A17956 April, 1967 Camano Island, WA USA
A18051 April, 1967 Memphis, TN USA
A18075 1967? Pori, Finland
A18289 1967 Oklahoma City, OK USA
A18366 1967 Hootervile, SD USA
A18391 April, 1967 Walcourt, Belgium
A18749 June, 1967 New Jersey, USA
A18799 June, 1967 Sydney, Australia
A18837Br 1967 Oklahoma City, OK USA
A18921Br 1967 New York, NY USA
A19125Br 1968 Jonesboro, AR USA
A19354 1968 Port Angeles, WA USA
A19393 1967 Nashville, TN USA
A19408 1967 Portland, OR USA
A19518 1967? Apache Junction, AZ USA
A19641 1967? Toulouse, France
A19652 1967 Portland, OR USA
A19746Br 1967? Los Angeles, CA USA
A19853 1967 Gray, ME USA
A19854 1967 Lexington, KY USA
A20049 1967? Portsmouth, VA USA
A20617 1967 Brisbane, Australia
A20719 1967 San Mateo, CA USA
A20764 1967 Sao Paulo, Brasil
A21116 1967 Gautier, MS USA
A21226 1968 Lake Gaston, NC USA
A21300 1968 Gefle, Sweden
A21412Br 1968 Atlanta GA, USA
A21437 1968? São Paulo, Brazil
A21552Br March, 1968 Louisville, KY USA
A21574 1968 Baltimore, MD USA
A21615 1968 Verona, Italy
A21712Br 1968 Paris, France
A21759 1968 Frederick, MD USA
A21801 1968 Australia
A21828 1968 Netherlands
A21996 1968 Nashville, TN USA
A22307Br 1968 Leiden, Netherlands
A22581 1968 San Jose, CA USA
A23131 1968 Overland Park, KS USA
A23158 1968 Kamloops, BC Canada
A23168 1968 McCalla, AL USA
A24105 1968 North Grafton, MA USA
A23411Br June, 1968 Charleston SC, USA
A23815 1968 Trion, GA USA
A24282 1968 Philadelphia, PA USA
A24388 1968 Toronto, ON Canada
A24399 1968 Halifax, NS Canada
A24486 1968? Nashville TN USA
A24533 1968 Lowell, IN USA
A24791 1968 River Falls, WI, USA
A24898 1969 Suwanee, GA USA
A25134 1969 Oklahoma City, OK USA
A25244Br 1969 Morgantown, WV USA
A25438 1969 Atlanta, GA USA
A25654 1969 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA
A25840 1969 Wadsworth, OH USA
A25955 1969 Sacramento, CA USA
A26046 1969 Garden Grove, CA USA
A26115 1969 Monrovia, CA USA
A26127 1968? Hermiston, OR USA
A26136 1969 Sao Paulo, Brazil
A26169 1969 Centereach, NY USA
A26362 1969 Vashon Island, WA USA
A26463 1969 Grenoble, France
A26839 1969 Oregon City, OR USA
A26883 1969 Fort Worth, TX USA
A26961 1969 Maine, USA
A27131 1969 San Fernando Valley, CA USA
A27171 1969 Minneapolis, MN USA
A27386 1969 Seattle, WA USA
A27435 1969 Pacific, WA USA
A27585 1969 SE Massachusetts,USA
A27681 1969 Charleston WV, USA
A28135Br 1969 Chicago, IL USA
A28199Br 1969 New York, NY USA
A28318 1970 Menifee, CA USA
A28412 1970 Jersey Shore, PA USA
A28534 1970 Lebanon, PA USA
A28571 1970 North Providence, RI USA
A29032 1971? Tampa, FL USA
A29517 1971 Columbus, OH USA
A29634 1971 Colorado, USA
A29964 1971 Sheffield Lake, OH USA
A30090Br 1971 Strandbaden, Sweden
A30398 1971 Carrboro, NC USA
A31198 1971 Sparta Mi, USA
A31796 1971 Houston, TX USA
A31891Br December, 1971 Phoenix, AZ USA
A32233 1972 Nashville, TN, USA
A32235 1972 Toulon, France
A32297 1972? Chicago, IL USA
A32320 1972 Belfair, WA USA
A32339Br 1972 Franklin, LA USA
A32971 1971? Rotterdam, Netherlands
A32977 1971? Paris, France
A33000Br 1972 Minneapolis,MN USA
A33262 1972 Bürstadt, Germany
A33372 1972? Irkutsk, Russia
A33381 1972 St. Louis, MO USA
33419 1974? Las Vegas, NV USA
A33719 1973? Denver CO USA
A33781 1972 Mooresville, NC USA
A33939 1973 Copenhagen, Denmark
A33999 1973 Pasadena, TX USA
A34532 1973 Gray, TN USA
A34559 1972 Hayden, ID USA
A34638 February, 1976 Lilburn, GA USA
34722 November, 1972 Grosse Pointe, MI USA
A35411 1973 Morris, AL USA
A35466Br 1973? Seattle, WA USA
A35615 1973 Derbyshire, UK
A35762 1972? Oxford MD
A35962 1973? Marin County, CA USA
A36102Br 1973 Bloomington, MN USA
A36214 1973 Puerto Rico
A36296 1973 Vancouver, BC Canada
A36418 1973 Miami, FL USA
A36552 1973 Cary, NC USA
A36867 1973 San Jose, CA USA
A36933 1973 Salem, OR USA
A37142 1973 Portland, OR USA
A37151 1973 Texas, USA
A37161 1973 Seattle, WA USA
A37210 1973 Santa Rosa, CA USA
A37265 1973 Chicago, IL USA
A37319 1973 McKinney, TX USA
A37323 1973 Hoover, AL USA
A37592 1973 Monroe, WA USA
A37851 1973? Budapest, Hungary
A38312 1973 Lake Worth, FL USA
A38428 1973 Birmingham, UK
A38523 1973 Saratoga Springs, NY USA
A38567 1973 London UK
A38602 1973 Evansville, IN USA
A38682 1973 Charlotte, NC USA
39738 1974 Salem, OR USA
40304 1974 Alabama, USA
40766 1974 Houston, TX USA
40857 1974 Tehran, Iran
40881 1974 Anadia, Portugal
40909Br 1974 Cary, NC USA
A40969Br 1974 Lake Charles, LA USA
A41277Br 1974 Gefle, Sweden
A41400 1974 Florence, MS USA
A41423 1974 Taos, NM USA
A41538Br 1974 Sydney, Australia
A41704 1974 Richmond, VA USA
A41865 1974 Los Angeles, CA USA
A42050 1975 San Angelo, TX USA
A42231 1974? Täby, Sweden
A42289Br 1975 Oklahoma City, OK USA
A42509 1974 Mexico City, Mexico
A42632 1975 Culver City, CA USA
A42967 1975 Minneapolis, MN USA
A42987 1975 Jacksonville, FL USA
43708 1974 Gothenburg, Sweden
43739Br 1974 Raleigh, NC USA
A46168 1975 Paris, France
A46184Br 1975 Seattle, WA USA
A46556 1975 Lake Zurich, IL USA
A46922 1975 Fayetteville, NC USA
A47067 1975 Victoria, BC Canada
A47104 1975 Brooklyn, NY USA
A47378 1975 Missouri City, TX USA
A47402Br 1975 Ottawa, ON Canada
A47463 1975 Barstow, CA USA
A47474 1975 Brussels, Belgium
A47511Br 1975 Raleigh, NC USA
A47549 1975 Frazier Park, CA USA
A47737 1975 Raleigh, NC USA
A47992 1975 New Brunswick, NJ USA
A48416Br 1975 Roswell, GA USA
A48146 1975 Vancouver, WA USA
A48388 1975 Southampton, England
A48586 1975 London, England
A48860 1975 Tokyo, Japan
A48968 1975 London, England
A49032 1975 Gefle, Sweden
A49200 1975 Paris, France
A49429 1976 Toronto, ON Canada
A49441 1975? Redondo Beach, CA USA
A49480 1975? Angoulême, France
A49634 1975 Tucson, AZ USA
A50191 1975 Stockholm Sweden
A50307 1975 Mililani, HI USA
A50701 1975? Bluefield, WV USA
A50819 1975 Tijuana, Mexico
A50993 1976 Hyattsville, MD USA
A51093 1976 Honolulu, HI USA
A51223 1976 Fort Worth, TX USA
A51454 1976 Philadelphia, PA USA
A51618 1976 Orrington, ME USA
A51969 1976 Yuma, AZ USA
A52070 1976 Goleta, CA USA
A52407 1976 Louisville, KY USA
A52469 1976 Oulunsalo, Finland
A52567 1976 Atlanta, GA USA
A52834 1976 New Zealand
A52835 1976 Cambridge, MA USA
A53197 1976 Walcourt, Belgium
A53243 1976 Nagano Japan
A53244 1976 Vantaa, Finland
B64947 1976 Brussels, Belgium
B65235 1976 Hannibal, MO USA
B65294 1976 Canada
B65364 1976 Jefferson, OR USA
B65384 1976 Kajaani, Finland
B65666 1976 Charlotte, NC
B65711 1976 Veneta, OR USA
B65742 1976 Hollywood, CA USA
B65921 1976 Ridgecrest, CA USA
B66169 1976 Clarkdale, AZ USA
A608099 1976 Cumming, GA USA
A608559 1976 Laguna Niguel, CA USA
A608649 1976 West Falls, NY USA
A609273 1976 Kent, UK
A609419 1976 Opole, Poland
A609423 1976 Amiens, France
A609584 1976 Buford, GA USA
A610220 1976 Baton Rouge, LA USA
A610263 1976 Minneapolis, MN USA
A610379 1976 Swarthmore, PA USA
A610626 1976 Alexandria, VA USA
A738834 1977 Amsterdam, Neatherlands
A738918 1977 Rhododendron,OR USA
A739025 1977 Luxembourg
A739038 1977 Edinburgh, Scotland
A739076 1977 Portland, OR USA
A739264 1977 North Nottinghamshire, UK
A739285 1977 Nola, Italy
A739375 1977 Manila, CA USA
A742832 1977 Mainz, Germany
A742889 1977 Orlando, FL USA
A742977 1977 Edinburgh, Scotland
A742983 1977 Bagneux, France
A743102 1977 Tervuren, Belgium
A753072 1977 Connecticut, USA
A754042 1977 Goleta, CA USA
A754043 1977 Lansing, MI USA
A754219 1977 Portland, ME USA
A754254 1977 Maysville, KY USA
A754256 1977 Sunrise, FL USA
A754399 1977 Yakima, WA USA
A754560 1977 Mayo, MD USA
A754673 1977 Garretson, SD USA
A754828 1977 Phoenix, AZ USA
A755334 1977 Sedan, KS USA
A755837 1977 Southern Spain
A820091 1978 Astoria, IL USA
A820305 1978 Albany, GA US
A820486 1978 Concord, CA USA
A820531 1978 Lawrence, KS USA
A820548 1978 Live Oak, FL USA
A820607 1978 Atlanta, GA USA
A820610 1978 Oakland, CA USA
A820798 1978 Westfield, NY USA
A821019 1978 Lake Arrowhead, CA USA
A821022 1978 Lansing, NC USA
A826037 1978 Casablanca, Morocco
A826079 1978 South Shields, England
A826089 1978 Palestine
A826104 1978 Mission Viejo, CA USA
A826215 1978 Hannover, Germany
A826480 1978 Tacoma, WA USA
A826598 1978 New Zealand
A826628 1978 Offstein, Germany
A826750 1978 London, England
A826848 1978 London, England
A826968 1978 Seattle, WA USA
A846069 1978 Buenos Aires, Argentina
A846456 1978 West Hills, CA USA
A846461 1978 Bethlehem, PA USA
A846551 1978 Southern WI, USA
A847035 1978 Everett, WA USA
A847098 1978 Venice, Italy
A847262 1978 Sioux Falls SD
A847377 1978 Fort Worth, TX USA
847577 1978 Raleigh, NC USA
A847579 1978 Sault Ste Marie, ON Canada
A847861 1978 Chantilly, VA USA
A848266 1978 Lafayette CO USA
A848281 1978 Los Gatos, CA USA
A848460 1978 Robbinsdale, MN USA
A848688 1978 Belgium
A848943 1978 Rieden AG, Switzerland
A849189 1978 Berlin, Germany
A849585 1978 Gefle, Sweden
A870719 1978 Nanaimo, BC Canada
A875964 1978 Mayo, MD USA
A876083 1978 New York, USA
A876113 1978 Moscow, Russia
A876190 1978 Winder, GA USA
A876330 1978 Cedar Rapids, IA USA
A876436 1978 Dallas, TX USA
A876483 1978 Michigan, USA
A876645 1978 Troy, IL USA
A876699 1978 Lebanon, MO USA
A876724 1978 Lindsay, ON Canada
A890910 1978 Waco, TX USA
A891085 1978 Akron, OH USA
A891173 1978 Valley Center, CA USA
A891228 1978 Lake Worth, FL USA
A891364 1978 Pontoise, France
A891479 1978 Reston, VA USA
A891589 1978 Amsterdam, Netherlands
A891706 1978 Austin,TX USA
A891757 1978 Milford, CT USA
A891759 1978 Osprey, FL USA
A892300 1978 Redondo Beach, CA USA
A892325 1978 Memphis, TN USA
A952673 1979 Sierra Vista, AZ USA
A962546 1979 Puerto Rico USA
A962749 1979 Winchester, KY USA
A962766 1979 Richland, WA USA
A962935 1979 Hobart, TAS Australia
A963217 1979 Dallas, TX USA
A963311 1979 Asheville, NC USA
A963504 1979 San Pedro, CA USA
A963545 1979 Nacogdoches, TX USA
A963893 1979 London, UK
A964375 1979 Hollywood, CA USA
A984234 1979 Centralia, WA USA
A984364 1979 Lima, Peru
A984413 1979 Plantation, FL USA
A984643 1979 Cologne, Germany
A984788 1979 Chicago, IL USA
A984838 1979 Philadelphia, PA USA
A984880 1979 Zetten, Netherlands
A984897 1979 Richmond Hill, ON Canada
A984900 1979 Colorado, USA
A984932 1979 Kenyon, MN USA
A984984 1979 Madison Heights, MI USA
A985188 1979 Buffalo, NY USA
A985194 1979 Strandbaden, Sweden
A985319 1979 Pawling, NY USA
A985408 1979 U.K.
A985489 1979 Mayo, MD USA
A985587 1979 Baton Rouge, LA USA
A985878 1979 Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
A985890 1979 Danville, NY USA
A986352 1979 New Britain, CT USA
A986454 1979 Roswell, GA USA
A988466 1979 Byhalia, MS USA
F071869 1980 St. John's, NL Canada
F071991 1980 Scotts Valley, CA USA
F072401 1980 El Segundo, CA USA
F072692 1980 Wales, UK
F072451 1980 Oxford, UK
F084712 1980 Charleston, SC USA
F085162 1980 Greenwich CT, USA
F085321 1980 Trenton, NJ USA
F085654 1980 Voisins, France
FO85728 1980 Clovis, NM USA
F085903 1980 Rochester, NY USA
F086055 1980 Eden Prairie, MN USA
F111593 1981 Nottingham, England
F134744 1981 Viskovo, Croatia
F134846 1981 North Wales, UK
F134848 1981 Belgium
F134876 1981 Orkney Isles, UK

720 Responses to Database Registry

  1. Dangerous Danny C. says:

    S/N A -12219
    Production ..43
    Code :PE
    Blackface 1966 ?
    Dangerous Danny C.
    Ft. Lauderdale , Florida

  2. Eddie Moore says:

    Fender Vibro Champ
    Production: 31A
    Year: QD
    Columbia, SC

    Purchased used about 20 years ago in excellent condition with original Fender cover. Great sounding amp!

  3. Ralph says:

    A36867 1973 San Jose, CA

  4. r D says:

    I have a Vibrochamp #B66169,sounds good all original.need to know its value. thanks,Robert Clarkdale,Az.

  5. Ed Fargo says:

    1980 Vibro Champ
    2841(stamped under SN)
    Charleston SC

    Purchased 11/2014 from a local… It has seen some action, but has been kept up well. Great sound!

  6. Tom says:

    A 26127
    1968 by pot and transformer code but 1968 by SN
    Just bought in Portlan Oregon, but will live in Hermiston Or

  7. Shaun Deane says:

    Vibro Champ
    May, 1966
    S/N A13276
    Location: Brattleboro, Vermont

    Just arrived and I stoked!

  8. Greg Cole says:

    San Mateo California USA
    Silverface with drip edge
    No month/yr code on tube chart
    Stamp on inside of chassis indicates ’67
    Looks like a true transition amp
    caps are small, silver and have Ducati stamped on them
    Any info you have on this one would be greatly appreciated

  9. Jason W says:

    1969 Bronco
    S/n: A25244
    Morgantown, WV

  10. Steve Caruso says:

    1966 Vibro champ…September 1966. A 14172. Riverside Ca.

  11. Kenneth Hermansen says:

    1966 Vibro Champ
    A11771 – old Oxford speaker died today, apparently!

    1972-1973 Vibro Champ, Silverface.

    Location: 2200 Copenhagen N., Denmark.
    Regards – Kenneth !

  12. Dave S in St. Louis MO says:

    Blackface Vibro Champ “Fender Electric Instrument Co.”
    No Fender Script on Grill, and no screw marks/holes… so it never had one.
    Model AA764
    Serial Number A02861
    Production 33
    Date Code OB
    Transformer 606-4-39
    Speaker says… “Custom Built for Fender” EV 29, 137 448 Made in USA with some other text printed/stamped part of which read NO26,,, Haven’t seen a pic of another which has a body which looks like this one on the Registry… its’ an 8″.

    Now living in Manchester Missouri, USA…. found in Winchester Missouri, USA on 11/09/14.

  13. Jimmy Cottrill says:

    Just got mine yesterday,Vibro Champ, serial number A984349. Awesome!

  14. Lars Lundevall says:

    Hi, serial Nr A 16100, Blackface with unoriginal Weber speaker, otherwise 100% original – sounds incredible, best tremolosound I’ve ever heard! Living in Oslo, Norway.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A11279, Va, assumed jan 1966 from production numbers

  16. Chris Gubitose says:

    Serial Number: A06219
    Date Code: OJ
    Location: Greenville, SC

  17. Barry Tannenbaum says:

    Vibro Champ
    December 1965
    S/N: A09154
    Code: OL
    Production: #12
    Location: Blaine, MN

  18. mike sawa says:

    …A23265 ..stamped into metal tube housing- rear, top, right side..
    ..silverface w/ thin aluminum surrounding grill.. 68?
    ..comes w/ little round vibrato pedal..
    ..Q; it possible to remove speaker jack and connect to different amp, using the V.C. as a pre ?.. looks as though it is an RCA out..
    ..thx, and cheers !..

    • mike sawa says:

      ..also, only thing wrong is no colored glass over power indicator, just bright bulb..can i get one somewhere, possibly a different color?..
      ..oh, and the slightest etch into outside prong for polarity purposes..
      ..i get shocked if not plugged proper..

    • vcadmin says:

      Yes, you can remove the speaker jack and plug it into another cabinet. Make sure it is around 4 Ohms. If put to an 8 Ohm cabinet the amp will not be as loud. Don’t drive a VC on anything less than 3.2 Ohms, it could damage your amp.

  19. Dennis Redman says:

    Vibro Champ Serial # A00849
    Tube Sticker Code NK (November 1964)
    Dallas, Texas

  20. David Maccabee says:

    My Champ is serial number: B65711
    Location: Veneta, OR.
    Great little amp!

  21. Jabo Smith says:

    1979 vibrochamp S/N A963311 Asheville, NC

    New output tube socket
    Replaced filter caps
    Replaced speaker w eminence 820 – sounds like a ten inch
    Condition: 7-7.5 out of 10

    • Don Wilson says:

      A739375. 1977.
      Manila, CA
      Bought last year in a return to electric after 30+ years. Had Gibson Skylark tremolo as a kid in 1966. (Went acoustic during mid 70’s).
      Enjoying it with mim Strat and Tele partscaster (going to try humbuckers in it soon). Always interesting and happy the tones of our era still satisfy!
      Nice site, thanks!

  22. Rick Dahms says:

    Silver Face Vibro Champ
    Ser# A 26362
    Vashon Island, WA

  23. Eric Jenks says:

    1973 Silverface Vibro Champ
    a 38523
    Saratoga Springs, New York

  24. Diego Gabriel says:

    Vibro Champ Silverface
    S/N: A846069
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  25. John says:

    Purchased in Dayton, OH
    Now heard in Seattle, WA

  26. Roy Martin says:

    I have a Fender Vibro Champ s/n FO85728
    Clovis, New Mexico

  27. Anonymous says:

    I have A20049, bought it in ’72 in Berkeley, CA. I think I might be the 2nd owner. I blew out the orig speaker and lost it… has a Jensen re-issue p8r, and ClassicTone OT for 4/8ohm options.
    Living in Portsmouth, VA now. Tube chart says AA764. Cap can died, was Torres’d, un-Torres’d, recapped with Atom’s, then put back to an after-market can (4x20uf) which has just started dying in the first filter section. Putting back a TIAA 22uf in first filter.

  28. Peter says:

    1979 Silverface Vibro Champ
    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

  29. Aaron Wahl says:

    Silver face A42907

  30. Timothy Varner says:

    Purchased in mid 2013 from a local music store.
    Vibro Champ 1978
    S/N A821022
    Location: Lansing, NC

  31. Matthew Swiezynski says:

    1966 Fender Vibro Champ
    SN: A17805
    Portland, OR

  32. tom baker says:

    bought from original owner 2001.price $100.00 he put it in closet after a couple sessions with his gospel group. he said they and he hated it.I was doing some door replacement for he and wife and he said he had forgotten the amp all these years and I offered the money and he said fine. that after noon I floated out the door v champ in hand ;pristine in condition ,and you know the sound. SN# A736061-1977 Bless Leo Fender

  33. Callie says:

    Mine is A820531 , 1978
    Traded in Lawrence, KS

  34. Les Turnbull says:

    F 134846 makes it June 81,
    Located N Wales , UK
    silver face VC I bought as practice amp, cost me £45 late 80’s.
    Sound was so good I gigged it a lot, still sweet as a nut.

  35. John Macdonald says:

    Fender Bronco
    serial no. A 41538
    location Sydney Australia

    mate sold it to me for $30.00 back in 1978
    240v all original right down to the speaker and valves.

  36. Currey May says:

    Did I miss something? I don’t see my serial number on here. It is A984850. It has a silver face. Any help identifying it would be greatly appreciated.

  37. Mr.Andersson says:

    Fender Vibro Champ
    Serial# A21300
    Year: 1968
    Gefle, Sweden


  38. Jim Holcomb says:

    A36552, 1973, Cary, NC – sounds great!

  39. chezqui says:

    Just got this from Hendrik’s guitars in Italy. Unfortunately the speaker is shot.

    A 08395 1966?

  40. Davee Bryan says:

    Two Vibro Champs

    A 38312 (1973)
    Loaded with a Weber Alnico 8A125-0
    (original speaker in box)

    A8 91228 (1978)
    Loaded with a Weber Alnico 8A125
    (original speaker in box)

    Lake Worth, Florida

    Great Amps for Home and Studio (use a Black faced deluxe Reverb at Gigs)

  41. stan coffman says:

    Vibro Champ

    Had since 1981. Carried it around with all my stuff since, but never used it much. And I just re-discovered the wonderful tone with my telecaster, and other p90 guitars I have.

  42. Chris Horton says:

    November 1964
    Purchase for $20 at a garage sale in Elfin Forest, CA in 1999.

    Fender Electric Instrument Co.
    Came without face plate (duh, then I added one)
    AA764 and NK on inside tube sheet
    606439 rectifier
    Replaced Oxford speaker (blew it) with Jensen

    Amp had been sitting in a firemen’s garage and had mouse turds in it. He used to play it at Friday night dances and looked at me like I was nuts when I offered him a $20. Probably could have bought it for half that.

  43. Gary Acord says:

    Just bought a wonderful 1967 made in june. Same amp I had as a kid.
    It looks like it was stored in a climate controlled room at Smithsonian, Everything is original – Telefunken preamp tubes and RCA power tube.
    This amp is perfect and sounds like new out of box.

  44. Joseph carcaramo says:

    I have a 1964 Vibro Champ with a date code of A01763 Looks like it was made around September 1964, and would like to add it to the registry Thanks.

    Joseph Carcaramo
    Woodstock, New York

  45. Jon Davignon says:

    Vibro Champ
    November 64
    Serial #A00335
    Code NK
    Production #2
    Location Montrose, Co
    All original sounds out of this world

  46. Dave Dexheimer says:

    1976 VC
    B 65235
    Hannibal, MO

  47. chicagobluesman says:

    Blackface VC serial number A04161. Number stamped on the tube chart is AA764. Code OD, production #4. Libertyville, IL

  48. Pat M says:

    A846686 — ’78, right? — St. Louis, MO

    I’ll be its 2nd owner. Friend just handed it over so that it’d be taken care of and used. It had been sitting untouched in his parents’ house for about 30 years.

    All original everything, including all the documentation and tags that came with it when purchased.

  49. Charlie Blevins says:

    A50701 Vibro Champ
    Bluefield, WV.

  50. Yvan Hubert says:

    Wonderfull 1978 Fender Vibrochamp Silverface.
    Serial nr: A848688

  51. Daniel Kushnir says:

    West Hills, CA
    2014 (looks like the amp was made in 78)

  52. Pete R. says:

    Sadly I cannot find a serial number on my Vibro Champ – Amp.
    It is a silver face labeled as above with aluminum surround no tail or ‘made in USA on the logo. I have owned it since the mid ’70s but it was used when I got it. I’m guessing it was made ’73-76 ??? Was the SR# on a sticker on the back?

    • vcadmin says:

      The serial number is stamped on the metal chassis. If you look at the amp from the back it will be on the upper right hand side.

      • Pete R. says:

        Thanks I learned that before your reply but still could not see it. Amazing what a difference bright lights and magnifying glasses can make. FOUND it at last.
        A 21116
        Gautier, MS USA
        According to the database and transformer codes (606-7-33 and 606-7 23) it must be a late ’67.

  53. Patrice F. Mendez says:

    1978 Vibro Champ
    serial n°: A 826037
    PT and OT: EIA 606-842
    location: Casablanca- Morocco

    Was really great, but no more sound since 3 monthes, I think it needs a good cap job… But very hard to find the good guy here!

  54. Seamus Massey says:

    Vibro Champ
    London, England
    Owned by me since 1985; all original then, still going strong with no need for changes. Came with a Fullerton schematic document for a Champ.

  55. michi says:

    1967 Vibro Champ
    S/N: A18799
    Code: QF
    Location: Sydney, Australia

  56. Jamie says:

    1976 Fender Vibro Champ
    SN: A51454
    Philadelphia, PA

  57. Jordan G says:

    Silverface Vibro Champ
    S/N: A24399
    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

  58. Stephen says:

    Vibro Champ
    Dec 1966
    Akron, OH

  59. Spike Strider says:

    Hayden, Idaho

  60. John Fogarty says:

    1965 Blackface Vibro-Champ
    Serial #: A07234
    Date Stamp: OL
    Augusta, GA

  61. Warren James Clarke says:

    A963893 1979 London, UK.

  62. Charles Zuza says:

    A984413 1979 Plantation, FL

  63. Kurt Hendrickson says:


  64. Oroszi Gyõrgy says:

    Vibro Champ.
    S/N : A 37851
    Location: Hungary (Budapest)

  65. Roger Harrison says:

    R H in OKC my Bronco’s s/n is A 42289.

  66. Roger Harrison says:

    1975 A42239 Oklahoma City.
    Great little recording amp. Given to me by a close friend. Thanks to Ed Commander!

  67. Ed Commander says:

    Just received a silver face V/C previously owned and played by the Fabulous Thunderbird’s Kim Wilson. S/N A25134 EC in OKC

  68. Mike Dote says:

    A 16089
    December, 1966
    Code PL
    Buffalo Grove , Illinois

    I am the original owner. Price in 1966 $80.00

    • vcadmin says:

      Impressive!!! Wow, you’ve had that amp for nearly 50 years.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, I have had it for almost a half century! Pretty scary. I had it redone recently (tubes, etc) and it sounds like 1966 again. The original speaker was getting a little tired so I replaced it also. When needed I’ll add a Tube Screamer to it and I can hardly believe the tone.

  69. John says:

    A984788 1979? Chicago Ill USA.

  70. Ed Commander says:

    Also have a near mint Bronco with cover s/n A18837. OKC OK

  71. Ed Commander says:

    Location Okla.City OK

  72. Ed Commander says:

    Just picked up a Vibro Champ serial #A18289 and production #31A.

  73. Robert Farrell says:

    1974 Vibro Champ
    S/N: A41704
    Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA

  74. Brett Garcia says:

    1978 Vibro Champ
    Albany, GA

  75. Anonymous says:

    A36296 1973 Vancouver BC, Canada

  76. Jim Parker says:

    Vibro Champ
    January 1977
    S/N A754399
    Location, Yakima, WA

  77. Jason Martin says:

    1975 Vibro Champ
    S/N: A42987
    Location: Jacksonville, FL

    Bought it off of eBay last night and picked it up in person this afternoon! Works perfect!! I’m in love!

  78. Rob D says:

    A36933 Salem OR Vibro champ Sounds great!

  79. Chuck Horning says:

    Vibro Champ
    October 1965
    S/N: A06343
    Code: OJ
    Production: #7
    Location: Kissimmee, FL

    I purchased this amp several years ago on Ebay. It is all original and sounds great!

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